The History of Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts are popular men’s apparel due to the laid-back appeal and durability of the design. The origin of the shirt goes back to the Hawaiian plantation days when those working in the fields needed shirts that were heavy-duty and breathable. Many refer to the shirts as “Hawaiian shirts,” but the original and proper name is the “Aloha shirt.” At first, the shirt was made of materials from trees native to Hawaii, but manufacturers such as tori richard clothing have been able to use alternative materials. Manufacturers have been able to maintain the durability of the shirts despite the use of these alternative materials.

The colorful designs the aloha shirts are known for also have a rich history. Since the material used to make the shirts was conducive to creating images similar to the way an artist creates a picture on a canvas, the designs have continued the tradition of being bright and eye-catching. The bright colors and visually appealing designs are known for capturing mainstays of Hawaiian culture. These include pineapples, palm trees, ocean shorelines, and coconuts. Individuals enjoy wearing these shirts because the designs portray a laid-back demeanor and can put others at ease.

Of course, there are other reasons why aloha shirts are great to wear. They are fun, can be a great conversation starter, and can introduce variety into an individual’s wardrobe. At the same time, some enjoy wearing apparel that includes a tropical theme. Perhaps wearing an aloha shirt reminds some individuals of a vacation in Hawaii or spending time in Hawaii is a future aspiration. Wearing a shirt that is a reminder of the atmosphere makes people feel closer to their aspirations.

A lot of men enjoy wearing Hawaiian or Aloha shirts, but few may know the history of how the shirts came about. Plantation workers had a need for clothing that would allow the workers to be in the heat and keep working. The colorful designs came about due to the material being similar to the material used on a canvas. The next time you’re looking for a great Hawaiian shirt design, remember the shirts’ unique history of quality and personal creativity.