Site Safety Plus Training Covers the Subject at Three Distinct Levels

Establishing and maintaining job site safety takes a lot of effort and dedication, but it also inevitably requires a good deal of training and knowledge. While there are a few basic safety principles that the average person will already have internalized to a certain degree, developing appropriate skills and understanding is the only way of making any given job site as safe as possible. Systematic study at a level appropriate to each worker’s or manager’s role inevitably proves to be the key to bolstering safety. Providers like the one based online at make it simple to acquire whichever kind of training might be needed.

In many cases in the United Kingdom today, this will mean completing some of various courses designed by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). In particular, the group’s Site Safety Plus programs are recognized nationwide as setting the standard for general job site safety measures and precautions. In addition to the Health and Safety Awareness course and corresponding certificate that just about every worker will attend and obtain, there are two other options covered under the scheme that provide more advanced training.

While informed workers contribute a great deal to safety themselves, for example, supervisors inevitably shoulder even weightier responsibilities. A job site supervisor who understands safety-related principles at a deeper level will always be an asset, whether in terms of correcting workers who slip up or by consistently encouraging and rewarding safety-enhancing behaviors. The CITB-designed Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme therefore goes considerably more in depth than the basic Health and Safety Awareness course, covering over the span of two days everything those in such positions of responsibility will need to know.

Just as supervisors benefit from obtaining more training than the workers they oversee, so do site managers need to acquire even more knowledge if safety is to be maintained at the highest level. As a result, the CITB Site Safety Plus Site Management course stretches over five days, with a huge range of topics being covered from a variety of perspectives. Tasked with seeing to safety throughout the entirety of a job site, managers who pursue such training will end up becoming able to support everyone involved.