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Automation Release Tools: A Checklist of Vital Features

Does your software release typically take several days instead of minutes? Today, shed the manual and tiresome approaches to software delivery and adopt application automation release (ARA). Yet, the key to picking the right ARA tool as your continuous delivery pipeline is contingent on your identifying the appropriate attributes to evaluate for each available option.

Read on for to discover essential ARA features:

Audit-Ready Artifacts and Role-Based Rights
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A good ARA tool must support collaboration to ensure deployment processes and artifacts are fully auditable. Such a platform features controls to ensure that the correct staff have proper access to the right system tasks across the various people taking part in the delivery and use.
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Ability to Scale

Having intricate scripts or workflows for application each time there’s a deployment does not support scalability. Thus, emphasize on an ARA tool that has a model-based design that makes it easy to make changes, replicating these within all deployment settings. This allows your software deployment processes to automatically scale and match your growth requirements. If you’re asking any experts to help build automation for software release, always do remember that the capacity to model scripts for fresh changes lets your enterprise scale with ease.

Do You Need Automated and Manual Steps Supported?

The full automation of your intricate release processes will for sure take a while. You may automate specific phases immediately, but others may stay manual for a while. Still, other processes should never be automated. So, you need an ARA tool that provides for both manual and automated steps.

Automatic Rollbacks

What’s the remedy in case you’re not pleased with the outcome of deployment at any time during the process? Automatic rollbacks can come to the rescue because the feature monitors all adjustments made to your existing environment, enabling you to easily and automatically roll back at any time.

Deployment Dashboards

Release dashboards provide plenty of important information that staff involved in the software deployment can easily track. Your enterprise may find it vital to follow release status indicators and metrics on the dashboard, for instance. The dashboard will track the overall release progress, indicating how many features have been delivered so far, as well as the estimated time of release end. All problems that have been encountered and tickets that have been addressed will also be shown.

Provision for Plugin Extension

Select an ARA solution that features an appreciable and expanding catalog of plugins in compliance with a rich environment of DevOps tools.

If you need consistency and repeatability of processes for application release automation, ensure to assess all features critical to your enterprise. Hopefully, you use this list of standard features when selecting your automation release tools.